More than a watch.

Real luxury meets real life.


The world has a watch for every kind of pursuit. This isn’t a watch for that.

This is the watch for making a statement—one that declares, “I know what I like, and what I like definitely sparks joy.” This is the watch that speaks to connoisseurs of fine products; inspired collaborators who know that if one thing is good, then two good things paired together are even better. This is the watch that may not be for everyone, but makes us rather Portland in that way.

This is the watch for our industry; our culture; our collective moment in time.

It’s high time.

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Elevating and Celebrating, Together

QUESADA Watches, a collaboration between three brothers spanning the West Coast, is the creative vision of our founder and brother Eric Quesada; a blue-collar tradesman-turned-designer who set out to produce a timepiece that captures the burgeoning ethos of cannabis culture.

Every QUESADA watch is handcrafted in Portland, Oregon by a small, passionate team with the singular goal of creating a fresh experience for the discerning enthusiast. Our design philosophy melds modern sensibilities with quality elements and it’s why we rely on Swiss-made movements, sapphire crystal glass, the highest grade of metals and locally sourced leather and nylon. (In fact, every watch comes with both, so you can wear it two ways.) The end result is always a premium piece with subtle, understated character.